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A Critical Mind in a Healthy Body

Chinese martial arts offer a complete wellness approach. You should expect to gain physical fitness & motor skills, and benefit from increased ability to focus and manage daily stress. Long-term training promotes individual enrichment and the development of personal character.

KickAct Kung fu & Tai chi


Personalized learning

When you sign up with us, you receive personalized training. Every month you can select elements that you want to focus your training on.

We combine various forms of learning, such as in person and virtual classes.

All Seasons Workout Indoor & Outdoor

Our Classes


Adult Kung fu


Group and private classes. We teach Mei hua quan. Students can also select an animal style and a weapon, they want to learn.

Tai chi太極 & Qi gong 氣功

Group and private classes. Every class starts with Qi gong with the goal of stretching and relax the body for Tai chi. Students can also pick a weapon to work on. Self defense techniques are optional for those interested.

Kids Kung fu


Group classes. Children learn Shaolin Kung fu. Students can also select an animal style and a weapon they want to learn. Classes include also games, basics of acrobatics, and obstacle courses.

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