About us

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Shen Jian School has had an international history and development; our Chinese martial art traditions have been passed down from China to Italy, and now they are a unique part of your local community and may be passed down to you as well. Shen Jian School was founded in 2001 in Italy, then transferred to Tampa Fl, Springfield OR, Portland OR, and now in Eldora, IA, and nearby cities.


KickAct is a startup Social Enterprise that aims to improve academic and critical thinking skills, by combining Chinese Martial arts and Social Entrepreneurship.


A world where youth are empowered to actively shape a sustainable and equitable global society.



Combining Chinese martial arts and social entrepreneuship to improve critical thinking skills, and to encourage youth and local communities to engage in social change.

Crystal Denny

Jing Shifu

Founder and Chief Coach.

Jing Shifu dedicated a life time to the learning and teaching of Chinese Martial arts. Training with Jing Shifu is a unique experience because she exposes students to a wide range of highly effective martial arts styles and techniques.

Holding a bachelor in Chinese, she also offers a learned perspective and a deeper understanding of the cultural background of Chinese martial arts.

Jing Shifu as years of experience working with children, as coach, camps and after school teacher, and site director.


Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese language and culture

 Master in Intercultural Service, Leadership and Management

Rosanna Borsoni

Co-founder and coach

Rosanna has dedicated years to the study of Chinese martial arts, in particular Tai chi, Qi gong, and weapon training.

With a background in the medical field, Rosanna focuses the attention on health, tai chi and qi gong for elderly, and how to adapt movements for limited range of motion.


Bachelor in Sociology

Bachelor in Psychology

Master in Psychology