四象生八卦,      八卦生万物

Wuji generates Taiji. Taiji generates two complementary forces. Two complementary forces generate four aggregates. Four aggregates generate eight trigrams. Eight trigrams determine myriads of phenomena

Bagua is an internal style of Chinese martial arts, that utilizes manly palm techniques, rather than punches.

Forms develop in circle, with continuos twisting, spirals, and changes of direction. These kind of movements allow to quickly change position in the space. Bagua Zhang allows to fight with 8 opponents at once. 

The Bagua symbol includes 8 guas (areas). The center has the Yin and Yang symbol. The broken lines represent immobility, softness (Yin principle); the full lines represent mobility, strenght (Yang principle). The lines form 8 trigrams that can be combined to form 64 different combinations. These combinations represent all the conditions of human life.

Bagua Zhang is described as the art of transformation. Straight lines, punches and kicks are transformed and absorbed.







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