Kung fu for Kids


Classes include



Self defense

Weapon training

Tumbling & falls



With a partner

In group

Gong fu literally translate as "Hard work" to reach the ability.

The most important lesson your kids will learn from Kung fu classes is that they can achieve what they really want in life, through discipline and  hard work. Other benefits arise from diligence in the training, such as confidence, focus, and self control. Through the acquired confidence and self-defense training, your kids will know how to deal with bullying.

Kung fu training improves gross motor skills, coordination and flexibility, and ensures good health.

Training build skills progressively and at individual pace. Each lesson includes basic movements, forms, and tumbling exercises. At more advanced levels children learn weapon handling.

Classes offer opportunities to develop social skills and make new friends. Of course we make sure that they are also FUN!

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Sport games

Looking for something less specific? More like P.E.? Join our sport games classes. As recommended by CDC, children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity/day. Moreover, children should participate in aerobic exercise and activities that build muscles and strengthen their bones. Through group games, children develop a variety of motor skills and social skills. Children will run, hop, jump, throw, catch, learn how to bounce and kick a ball, and more...Practice and repetition will develop their large muscles skills. Outdoor, at the park, we can still get that feeling of socialization and group work, while observing the necessary precautions such as physical distance. We sanitize our supplies between sessions.