Qi gong 氣功

Qi gong 氣功

has a long history in China as a wellness practice.

Qigong can be translated as work (Gong) on energy (Qi).

Chinese Martial Arts share a common notion of Cultivating and Storing Energy (Qi) in the Tan Tien, a point in the human body two or three finger-widths below the navel.


Qi Gong is composed of static or dynamic exercises associated with a normal or reverse breathing. These exercises are said to have positive impacts on many different aspects of health: reinforcement and flexibility of the body, fortification of the heart and cardiovascular, regulation of the digestive system, calming of emotions and stress management, arthritis and rheumatism, bodily functions such as breathing, immune system, sexual energy, fertility, and more.

At the higher stages of energy continuation, one will find his movements are now being governed by the movement of his internal energy.This is the Qi of energy, not breath, to which I refer.


There are essentially three basic ingredients for higher accomplishment:

1. Mental tranquility and physical relaxation.
2. Application of the integrated supple strength of the whole body.
3. Continuity of the internal energy without interruption from movement to movement and moment to moment throughout the entire form.

Lian Gong Qi Gong


This is the name of the first Qi Gong exercise that is taught at the School. It is a set of theraputic and health care exercises developed by Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming, from ancient chinese medicine, acupuncture, age-old massage techniques, and ancient martial arts.

Do you have any pain in the neck, shoulder, waist, legs or back? Try Qi Gong.

The Lian Gong is designed to rectify the condition of muscles, ligaments and tendons, as well as to:


  • Increase circuilation, space, oxygen, and nutritient absorption

  • Increase flexibility and individual fibers

  • Stretch, Strengthen, and Stabilize the inter-vertebral discs, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.


Other Qi Gong


  • Ba Duan Jin

  • Zhan Zhuang Gong

  • Five Respirations Qi Gong

  • Squash Qi Gong

  • Shaolin Qi Gong

  • Wudang Soft Body Qi gong

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