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We offer more than you can obtain in any simple self-defense course or seminar.

Our students will be introduced to self-defense techniques drawn from various kung fu styles.

Training with us will give you more than just a few techniques for self defense. Increasing your preparedness for surviving potential aggression from others involves the development of a strong body and character, the development of automatic, adaptive and precise responses with fluid movements that derive from training a diversity of techniques, and of calmness and peace of mind that may also be obtained through training with us and increased with further meditation and internal arts like Tai chi and Qi gong.

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Why don’t self defense courses really work?

Because they don’t and can't train your body, mind and soul adequately. Can you really defend yourself if your body is stiff or rigid, you don’t have balance or flexibility, and your mind is not prepared for situations like that?


The answer is certainly NO!

Because the training is too brief and the techniques are not repeated overtime, they are not automatic. When you learn something and then don’t review it, over time you will also forget it. Moreover, when you are in a dangerous situation, your levels of adrenaline increase and affect your body; it is called the “fight or flight” adrenaline response. While these changes are supposed to help you to get out of a situation, the stress response produced also makes it difficult to think straight; all that is left is automatic responses! At that point only what has been trained and repeated over time will produce an automatic response.


The illusion of effectiveness that self-defense courses may have is given by the fact that sometimes an aggressor is merely shocked or scared by a courageous response from the victim. A typical example might be an old lady who beats up a thief with her purse... but we are not always so lucky, and the assaulting person is not so easy to defeat!

On the other side, Martial arts training is sometimes not seen as effective. Participants in a competitive sparring sport version of a martial art learn to abide by rules and to avoid vulnerable areas, both unrealistic. An aggressor may take advantage through any vulnerability. If an attacker is much larger than its victim, particularly relevant to women but applicable to everyone, you must rely on technique that can only be learned; you may learn with us. Even an effective martial art will require a longer time to learn, and so a beginner is not necessarily capable of mounting an effective self-defense. It is for this reason that we offer a combination of both a long-term Martial Arts training and training in a set of faster-to-learn assault self-defense techniques.

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